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Categories AggieBuy PCard Purchase Order Disbursement Voucher Travel Card Other
CategoriesAggieBuyPCardPurchase OrderDisbursement VoucherTravel CardOther
Abstract or journal publication fee   Preferred Allowed      
Advertisements for recruitment, event, or promotion   Preferred Allowed      
Alcohol(state funds restrictions)         Preferred  
Alcohol for research or lab work (not for consumption) Preferred   Allowed      
Amazon Web Services           Preferred
Animals     Preferred      
Audiovisual equipment & supplies supplies (purchase)   Preferred Allowed      
Audiovisual equipment & supplies (rental)         Preferred  
Award, recognition or prize (for employees)(state funds restrictions)   Preferred Allowed   Preferred  
Award or prize (for non-employees)(state funds restrictions)   Preferred Allowed   Preferred  
Cell phone service (no hardware)   Allowed   Allowed   Preferred - IET
Cell phone purchase (with service plan)   Allowed       Preferred - IET
Books, CDs, DVDs, or other published media Preferred Allowed        
Break room supplies, such as coffee, cups, or water Preferred Allowed        
Break room appliances, such as microwaves or coffee maker Preferred   Allowed      
Building repair & alteration     Preferred      
Cash advances for travel or entertainment         Preferred  
Catering services for events       Allowed Preferred  
Certifications & exam associated with employment (no travel involved)   Preferred   Allowed Preferred  
Charter (boat, bus, shuttle, plane, etc.)     Preferred      
Computers (desktop, laptop, peripheral) Preferred Allowed        
Conference calling services   Preferred        
Conference or Training Registration (employees)   Allowed     Preferred  
Conference or Training Registration (guests/students)   Preferred     Allowed  
Controlled substance     Preferred      
Copy or print (on campus)           Preferred- Repro Graphics
Copy or print (off campus)   Preferred        
Donations to non-profits(state funds restrictions)       Preferred    
Employee clothing or uniform Preferred Allowed        
Entertainment       Allowed Preferred  
Equipment less than $4999 without a signed agreement Preferred Allowed        
Equipment more than $4999 Preferred   Allowed      
Equipment repair on equipment not owned by UCD     Preferred      
Flower Arrangement (e.g. decor for University function)         Preferred  
Flower Arrangement (recognition or sympathy)(state funds restrictions)   Preferred        
Gasoline (personal)           Preferred- AggieTravel w/mileage
Gasoline (UC vehicle)           Preferred- Fleet Card
Gifts (employees)(state funds restrictions) Preferred Preferred        
Gifts (non employees)(state funds restrictions) Preferred Preferred        
Giftcards(state funds restrictions). *Please refer to the HR webpage for more information regarding service awards and length of service Preferred          
Honorarium - speaker or lecturer(state funds restrictions)       Preferred    
Independent Contractor and Consultant     Preferred      
Insurance premium or payment   Preferred   Allowed    
IT infrastructure (e.g. servers, networking equipment) Preferred   Allowed      
License (professional)   Preferred   Allowed    
Maintenance service agreement     Preferred      
Marketing or promotional material Preferred Allowed        
Medical supplies for the office to replenish first aid kits- (e.g. band aids, over the counter medications, antiseptic ointment, etc.)   Preferred        
Membership dues for a professional or technical organization   Allowed   Allowed Preferred  
Moving service for an office or lab     Preferred      
Office furniture & accessories Preferred Allowed        
Offsite lab services (e.g genetic testing)   Preferred Allowed      
Permit (fees)       Preferred    
Postage (Davis/Campus/Med Center)           Preferred- Mail Services
Postage (remote locations)   Preferred        
Post office box rentals   Preferred        
Precious metal     Preferred      
Programmatic event or expense (also see in Travel & Entertainment)(state funds restrictions)     Allowed   Preferred  
Public rental spaces     Allowed      
Radioactive material     Preferred      
Rentals of rooms for entertainment or business meetings(state funds restrictions)         Preferred  
Research Participant compensation (clinical trials or human subject)       Preferred    
Scholarship or fellowship       Preferred    
Service requiring a contract     Preferred      
Software (off the shelf & digital, no signed license agreement) agreement Preferred Allowed        
Software (requiring signed license agreement)     Preferred      
Sponsorship     Preferred      
Subscription (professional & technical print or online; journal, periodical, magazine or newspaper)   Preferred        
Supplies (instructional, office, classroom, custodial, or landscaping) Preferred Allowed Allowed      
Temporary labor staffing     Allowed     Preferred- Temp Services
Utility bills (water, electric, etc.)   Preferred Allowed      
Vehicle lease or purchase     Preferred      
Visa international travel         Preferred Allowed- AggieTravel